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Being an authentic public servant

Being an Authentic Public Servant

Part of the beyond the Box Series by Julia Wolfendale and Claire Haigh

Bolton – 9.30am -3.45pm, 5 September 2017

When you are at your best, most authentic self at work who benefits? We don’t often take the time to think about this do we? How often do we bring our best, most genuine selves to work? Are we fully exploring our own true potential or are we hiding away our shiniest qualities?

Whether you are a new manager in a public sector organisation or you want to increase your connection and strength of your relationships with your teams and communities you serve,  this is the episode for you. This is no ordinary session because it is for people who want to be extraordinarily successful at leading and serving communities at times of complexity and challenge. The days of heroic leaders are over. Teams and communities and partner agencies are seeking authenticity in people who lead. We need to be authentic to collaborate effectively and be more than just our job role.

This episode explores what it takes to lead with authenticity and how to develop the behaviours of an authentic and trusted leader. We will take a coaching approach and create a fun and safe space where you will be encouraged to experiment and unlock your own potential. In this session, you will get to understand what you have to gain by being your authentic self at work. You will explore the concepts of trust and wholeness and understand how you collaborate, enable and lead others. We will examine what it means to fail and how you deal with that. You will join others who are also on their journey towards being their true selves and the leader they need to be. You will explore what is in the way for you and how to overcome it. So why not be brave, and try new things? Book your place now #BeyondTheBox


Cost and Booking

Each session is priced at £85 plus VAT. Click on the date and location of the session you want to book and you will be taken to the booking form.

Any Questions please get in touch with us via

or tweet :@JuliaWolfendale @HaighClaire

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  • Readiness to collaborate
  • Being a social leader
  • Developing difference
  • Positive disruption
  • Understanding strength based approach



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