Let’s put more bunting up!

I was doing some thinking about the image we have created for collaborate out week and it got me thinking about bunting and collaboration. Stay with me, I promise you it gets better.

Bunting is a load of colourful and often mismatching flags strung together. On their own they would just be triangles of material or paper but together they are something ace that decorates a place and helps bring people together. So then I started to think about the string that holds them together and this is like the connections and relationships.

So, what does bunting teach us about collaboration?

1.     Lots of different elements together make something special, that individually aren’t as special

2.     The triangles though can’t be strung together without the string and this is the relationships and connections in communities

3.     Bunting is fun and brings people together in a way that flags, flag poles don’t as they feel more about power

4.     Bunting represents togetherness and the power of coming together in our social world

So, these were my brief ideas that I wanted to share and I am still musing how we string together lots more bunting and stop flying individual flags. I am excited to see how we can explore this further through #CollabOutLoud communities and week.


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