I work with organisations, systems, and places to help them to explore, shape and connect future public services. I am passionate about working with people to help them reach their potential and develop innovative approaches to problems. I believe that through working collectively and collaboratively we can achieve so much more together and in this world of social networks and connections, technology can be a huge enable to this work.

I don’t describe myself as a consultant, a freelancer or as an organisation but rather someone building a community that works together to deliver sustainable and future focused change in our social connected world. This allows me to work with the right people and skills for each piece of work.

Explore – What the future of public services looks and feels like. How can we find different way that harnesses the power of individuals as citizens as well as employees and allows for more freedom and democracy in our organisations?

Shape – How can we shape public services not around our current structures and thinking but around how citizens live their lives, working with communities to shape and deliver services. Thinking about structures last and first harnessing the power of networks and collaboration to make things happen.

Connect – How can we network the networks to achieve more together in challenging times. How can we understand where the links are and support leaders to collaborate where it makes sense and have the confidence and mindset to get the most out of this?

Examples of the work I undertake includes:

  • Providing challenges from the edge of a system, place or organisations through innovation coaching
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Working with organisations to help prepare leaders for collaboration. Developing a mindset of collaboration and collective leadership
  • Supporting organisations to think about how they get the most out of collaboration
  • Exploration of work in a social age, where digital platforms and offers bombard us
  • Working with future leaders to help them get ready for the challenges ahead and get their voices heard in shaping the future
  • Executive Coaching

I would love to talk to you about how I could support your organisations, system or place….



Explorer, Shaper, and Connector



Here’s a flavor of some of the organisations I work with


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