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Readiness to Collaborate

Readiness to Collaborate

Part of the beyond the Box Series

I am delighted to be running this workshop at the amazing All Souls in Bolton. I will be drawing upon my experience of helping teams to come together and collaborate to explore with those there how we can personally get ready for collaboration and how we can help systems and places develop their collaborative readiness.

I hope to see you there.

Bolton – 9.30am -3.45pm, 28 November 2017  

Are you ready to collaborate? The demands on public services today mean that we need to meaningfully engage with, influence and support; partners, teams, and communities. This involves developing new behaviours and becoming skilled at using new collaborative tools. Guess what? Collaboration is complex and messy. We have some experiences to share that will help you overcome the likely pitfalls and get you on the path to open trustful collaboration with colleagues.  So, what are you waiting for? You know you need this.

During this session, we will:

  • Look at how collaboration starts with me – if we are going to successfully collaborate then we need to start by examining our own approach to collaboration
  • Look at the system conditions that support collaboration and help systems to be ready to collaborate
  • Explore the relationship between cooperation, collaboration, and competition. How these interplay and how we move to a true state of collaboration
  • Explore the benefits of open collaborations where the unusual suspects can come together to collaborate

We will give you the space to collaborate with a diverse group of leaders from all places and spaces to explore these topics and work through approaches and tools.

To collaborate effectively we need to develop a mindset of collaboration but also ensure that the system and partners who are collaborating have the resilience, support, and skills to make the most of collaboration. We will explore:

  • How we can create an open dialogue about what gets in the way of collaboration
  • Explore approaches to how we can diagnose the barriers in place and coach leaders to develop a growth mindset
  • How we can draw on the strengths of natural collaborators
  • How to pay attention to the small stuff
  • Emotional side of collaboration
  • How to build trust across boundaries
  • What we can learn about collaboration from effective community leaders and the unusual suspects

Cost and Booking

Each session is priced at £85 plus VAT. Click on the date and location of the session you want to book and you will be taken to the booking form.

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