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The power of difference

I have been thinking a lot lately about the power of difference and whilst doing some googling found this great video.

it resonated with me so much…..

What is difference though and why is it so important?

Difference to me is about:

  • Embracing different views
  • Ensuring we don’t get stuck in an echo chamber of confirmation
  • Not being afraid to try new and different way of doing things
  • Seeing different perspectives as a really positive thing
  • Reflecting the make up of the communities we serve in public services and working with this difference to create rich and meaningful conversations and places

The list could go on and on but ultimately for me difference is about bringing together a melting pot of ideas, people, and cultures to connect, share and explore. Just allowing people to hear stories, experiences and to spend time with each other in different places can be so powerful.

Why is it important? It’s important because if we don’t embrace the views of others and different perspectives then we will continue to have what we have always had. We know that many of our public services aren’t fit for purpose. Whether this is the criminal justice system, health, and social care system or the education system.

When different views come together that is when innovation can happen. We need strong and trusted connections in our networks, which create safe spaces for sharing and challenging, we then also need less familiar and looser connections which allow us to try out new ideas, hear new perspectives and collide worlds together to come up with completely new ways of doing and being.

5 ways to expose yourself to a difference:

  1. Have a cuppa with someone you don’t normally work with and see where it takes you….
  2. Volunteer in a completely different sector to see something new
  3. Come along to a Collaborate Out loud Community – more info available on twitter via @CollabOutLoud
  4. Arrange to shadow someone from a different sector or profession
  5. Join an online community in an area you are interested in



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