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Understanding the strength based approach

Understanding the Strength Based Approach

Part of the beyond the Box Series by Julia Wolfendale and Claire Haigh

Wythenshawe – 9:30am – 3:45pm, 6 September 2017

Bolton – 9.30am -3.45pm, 24 October 2017  

It is all about focusing on ‘What’s strong’ not ‘what’s wrong.’

With all this talk about focusing on assets and seeing strengths in people and communities, it can get confusing. ‘Person centred’, ‘strength based’, ‘asset based’, these are concepts we hear about a lot in public services. Indeed, there are legislative expectations for the workforce to take this approach in delivering public services, and engaging with communities. But what does it really mean and how can it unlock capacity and potential?

This workshop will help you to explore:

  • How do you know what is a truly strengths based approach?
  • How can you ensure you embed this into your practice as a leader, manager or practitioner and be confident in identifying strengths and potential in individuals, teams, communities and places?
  • How can you devlop strengths when you learn how to spot them?

This episode from the Beyond The Box series will guide you to have a greater understanding of a strength based approach. Using a coaching approach we will help you to reframe your thinking to develop the language that is key to this way of working and collaborating with others. It will be a fun session where we unpick some of the old ways and unlearn any deficit style approaches. You will develop behaviour change techniques that will help you to be authentic, credible and collaborative in applying the strength based approach.

It is about believing in the resourcefulness, of communities and individuals. Through understanding behaviours and impact, you will see what happens when we take an asset based approach. The session will cover real examples and encourage you to share your experiences too, to deepen the learning. This will help you discover more of what works well and how to strengthen it and scale it, so that good things can spread across your teams, organisation and communities. Are you ready to have a go?

Cost and Booking

Each session is priced at £85 plus VAT. Click on the date and location of the session you want to book and you will be taken to the booking form.

Any questions please get in touch with us via

or tweet :@JuliaWolfendale @HaighClaire

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  • Being a social leader
  • Developing difference
  • Positive disruption
  • Being an authentic public servant



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